NewsHound Mention!

Did you see our mention in this week’s edition of the NewsHound?!? If not check it out here:
SPECTRUM’S 1-in-10 forum and blog launch April 20

SPECTRUM, Loyola’s GLBTA Awareness and Support Group, will be conducting the 1-in-10 exercise for the second year in a row! This exercise is based on Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s studies on human sexuality which found that approximately 10% or 1-in-10 people have had a same-sex experience. So, in order to visualize the sexual diversity that is on Loyola’s campus, SPECTRUM has ordered 300 T-shirts that state “One-in-Ten.” On April 20, 300 of Loyola’s students and faculty will be wearing these T-shirts and later that evening, a 1-in-10 forum will be held to discuss the campus reaction to this exercise and to debut SPECTRUM’s new blog, which includes updated news and events in the GLBTA community.

Place and time for the forum and blog launch are pending, but if you have any questions about the exercise, e-mail Andy Choi at


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