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Denim Day Recap


Jeff Kniple made these great buttons for administrators who could not wear denim.


Thanks to everyone who supported us by wearing denim yesterday, it was a great success. There were a lot of students wearing denim and administrators wore buttons saying “I support denim day.” Many thanks for Jeff Kniple for making those great buttons and getting them to administrators.

We also had the pleasure of having a wonderful speaker, Dr. Kevin McGann, a Loyola alum, who spoke eloquently about his memories of being gay at Loyola. Equality Maryland‘s Director was in the audience and gave out postcards to be sent to Maryland legislators demanding marriage and employment equality to members of the GLBTQ community.┬áKudos to Doc LoPresto for getting us a great speaker and to Spectrum for a great event!

Don’t forget to sign the VoiceOUT list, tables are outside Boulder for the rest of the week.

Happy Wednesday!