Denim Day! October 12th

Did you miss us Loyola? Welcome back! We know we haven’t been so good at updating our blog but we’re now back into the swing of things and we promise to keep you updated about all things GLBTA on campus. Check out the following exciting events on campus that promote diversity on our campus community:

This Monday, October 11, ONE Loyola and a number of departments at Loyola will be sponsoring a forum entitled “There’s More to Me than You See” highlighting the diversity of student experiences on campus. The forum is a response to Fr. Linnane’s initial letter regarding civility and respect for diversity at our university. We hope that you can make  it!

This Tuesday, October 12th, Loyola will participate in Denim Day, a day on which students are asked to wear some article of denim.  By deliberating choosing to wear denim, we communicate to all members of Loyola’s sexual minority community that there is indeed a place at the table for them here.   In essence, Denim Day helps to create an academic environment of inclusion and tolerance, an environment that moves us closer to our  ideals of unity and respect for all. On this same day, the annual Denim Day Speaker will be held at 6:30pm in Knott Hall B01.

Look out for signup sheets for Loyola’s annual VoiceOUT list. Add your name to the list and show that you support the GLBTA community. The names will be published in the Greyhound and they are a strong testament to the support and care Loyola has for our community.

In other news, Safe Zone training continues for faculty, administrators and staff at Loyola. For more info contact Terra Schehr at or find out more at OUTLoyola.

Lastly, we would like to mention the horrible incident at Rutgers that took the life such a brilliant young man. Tyler Clementi’s death and the recent string of bullying-related suicides affect us all as a community. If you or someone you know is struggling to understand why things like this happen, seek support. Talk to your friends, roommates, RA’s, professors or administrators and of course Spectrum members and officers are here to support you. There are a number of resources that can help you throughout this difficult time. The Counseling Center is also a great place to sit down and talk to someone, visit their website for more info at

That’s all for now, have  a wonderful weekend and remember: It Gets Better.


1-in-10 Pictures!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 1-in-10 Exercise and came to the forum!

Check out the pictures from yesterday!

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More pictures to come! Thanks again!

4/20 is One-in-Ten day around campus!

Don’t forget to wear your one-in-ten t-shirts tomorrow around campus! We’re looking forward to uniting Loyola’s campus!

For all those participating:

Here is a situation you might find yourself in tomorrow:

Friend: Hey! I see a lot of people wearing that shirt – what does 1-in-10 mean?
Well, this statistic means that 1-in-10 (or 10%) of a given population have had a same-sex sexual experience. So since our
campus consists of a little over 3,000 people, there are 300 (or 10%) Loyola students and faculty wearing this T-shirt to visualize this statistic.
Wow, that’s so interesting…I never knew that…

1-in-10 Exercise and Forum

The 1-in-10 Exercise and the Forum is on TUESDAY, APRIL 20TH!

Forum will be moderated by Doctor LoPresto –

Tuesday, April 20th @ 7PM in Cohn Hall 33

NewsHound Mention!

Did you see our mention in this week’s edition of the NewsHound?!? If not check it out here:
SPECTRUM’S 1-in-10 forum and blog launch April 20

SPECTRUM, Loyola’s GLBTA Awareness and Support Group, will be conducting the 1-in-10 exercise for the second year in a row! This exercise is based on Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s studies on human sexuality which found that approximately 10% or 1-in-10 people have had a same-sex experience. So, in order to visualize the sexual diversity that is on Loyola’s campus, SPECTRUM has ordered 300 T-shirts that state “One-in-Ten.” On April 20, 300 of Loyola’s students and faculty will be wearing these T-shirts and later that evening, a 1-in-10 forum will be held to discuss the campus reaction to this exercise and to debut SPECTRUM’s new blog, which includes updated news and events in the GLBTA community.

Place and time for the forum and blog launch are pending, but if you have any questions about the exercise, e-mail Andy Choi at

Upcoming Events

Sexual Diversity Awareness Week: Loyola University, MD

Monday, March 22nd- KICKOFF EVENT

7:00PM Showing of Training Rules @ Loyola/Notre Dame Library Auditorium

Tuesday, March 23rd-

7:30PM Being Gay in Non-Gay Places IX: The LGBT Experience at Loyola @ Knott Hall B01

Wednesday, March 24th-

7:30PM Keynote Speaker: Michael Kimmel, Author of Guyland @ McGuire Hall

Thursday, March 25th-

7:30PM Gay Parenting Forum: Dr. Ken Morgen and Dr. Sam Westrick @ Knott Hall B01